Birthday: January 1, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-026HCM

Rico N. is a gentle and soft spoken fifteen year old who has been praying for a sponsor for several years. He lives in a village called Placement with his father, five sisters, and one brother. Some of his siblings have sponsors, and he is thankful for that, but for his father’s sake, he wishes all of them were sponsored. His father works as a gardener in a large corn field. He works hard sharecropping every day for very little money. He barely makes enough money to feed all of his kids. He is thankful that they go to a school where they get a good meal because he knows at least they get to eat once per day at school. Rico loves to help his father take care of the garden and the few goats they own. He also loves to play soccer with friends. His favorite subject is mathematics, and when he grows up, he wants to be a farmer like his father, however, he plans to BUY the land his father works so that the land they farm is theirs and the produce they sell can support their family. He loves farming, but as long as the land is not theirs, they cannot support themselves.