Birthday: October 10, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-124M


Fabiola is a fourteen year old from the village of TiSource near Mares Roseau. This village is about a hour’s walk from the BGM School in Galette Chambon, but Fabiola wants to go to a good school, and she is willing to walk the distance. Fabiola lives with her mother, two sisters, and three brothers. Her father was a farmer, but he died two years ago. Her mother works as a vendor, but she doesn’t make enough money to buy food for their family and send her children to school too. When Fabiola has free time, she enjoys helping her mother sell at market, hanging out with friends, and bathing in the river. Fabiola wants to become a nurse one day, but for now she just has her goals set on getting back in school. She used to go to a school in Ti Source, but the school closed after it flooded with Hurricane Sandy and she has not been able to go to school since.