Birthday: February 27, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-127M


Ilrick is a brilliant sixteen year old who lives with his mother and sister in a family compound in an area of Galette Chambon called Michel. His mother does not have any source of income so Ilrick and his sister and mother depend on other family members to help them out. They all live in one small area surrounded by a cactus fence, so family helping one another survive is just a way of life as far as he’s concerned. When Ilrick’s sister was going to school, his mother was not able to afford tuition for both of them, so Ilrick studied his sister’s books at home hoping to one day be able to return to school. He finally found a sponsor in 2017 and worked hard to make his way to the high school. Now he is in the 10th grade after recently passing the National Exam. It would be an absolute shame for him to have to drop out of school now. He loves to study mathematics and he wants to become a lawyer one day and work in the city of Port au Prince or Petionville.