Birthday: August 13, 2013 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-085JHC


Fednaelle is a timid little 7 year old who loves to run, play with friends, and go to VBS at Hope Center. .Five years ago, when she was ready for school, we asked her mother if she was going to go, and she said no because she couldn’t pay. We asked if she wanted her to be able to go to school and she said YES! So we brought her in to interview for sponsorship and she quickly found one. She’s been in school ever since and she LOVES it. Fednaelle lives with her mom and baby sister. Her mother goes by the nickname “TT,” and she does not have a source of income other than what Fednaelle’s father gives her to take care of the children. Fednaelle’s father is a farmer and he does not live with them, but he does try to help them. It isn’t much, but it does allow them to eat….it’s just not enough.  TT is excited that God has provided a way for Fednaelle to go to school for the last four years, and she will be devastated if she has to take her out! If she does not get a new sponsor, her mother will be forced to remove her from school because she definitely cannot pay for it. Fednaelle’s favorite subject in school is Creole and she does not know yet what she wants to be when she grows up.