Birthday: August 11, 2002
Sponsorship #: 2017-00-053MG

Woodly is a bright and ambitious fifteen year old who wants to be a doctor when he grows up! He lives in Galette Chambon with his mother and brother. His mother does not have any source of income, so they depend on his grandparents for support. He wishes his mother could find work, but he is thankful that he is able to go to the BGM school because of the sponsorship program. His favorite subject is social science and he thinks he will use that a great deal as a doctor. When he’s not in school, he loves playing soccer on the village field with the rest of the guys. Woodly loves school and he is thankful he is able to go. He hopes to get a sponsor so that he can continue to go, get a uniform, and all of the things other kids get when they have a sponsor. This past year, Woodly took the national exam to move on to the 9th grade. He was the only person in our region to make a perfect score!! CONGRATULATIONS WOODLY!!!