Birthday: August 24, 1999
Sponsorship #: 2017-00-031M

Louvelyn is an 18 year old young lady from Galette Chambon. She lives with her parents, four sisters and one brother. Her parents work hard to make money for the family by making their own charcoal and selling it. Her brother was never able to go to school, so he helps them make charcoal, but they don’t make enough money to send her and her sisters to school. Two of her sisters have sponsors, but she and two others do not. She is thankful that Professor Moliere let her go to school last year, but she knows she will not be able to go this coming school year without a sponsor. Her favorite things to do when she’s not in school are study, play soccer, and go on field trips with her classmates. Her favorite subject is social sciences and when she grows up, she wants to become a nurse. She desperately wants to continue school.