Birthday: November 25, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-276S

Bednel is a kind-hearted fourteen year old from Port au Prince who has moved in with his older sister in Hope Center Village. He is the youngest of eight siblings. He moved in with his older sister because his father has become very ill and, although his mother is a vendor, she does not make enough money to pay for Bednel’s school and his father’s medical expenses. Although Bednel was sad to leave his home and friends in the city, he is settling in and making friends in Galette Chambon and is now excited about the possibility of being able to go to school. It makes him sad having to sit at home while the rest of the children in the village go to school every day, so he prays every day that he will find a sponsor soon and get his uniform for school. Bednel’s favorite subject is mathematics and he loves to play soccer when he is not in school. He wants to become a math teacher when he grows up.