Birthday: February 1, 2002
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Lucson is a quiet young man with a great spirit. He loves to help people, and he does so with a smile on his face. He is fourteen years old and lives in the village of Galette Chambon with his brother and sister and parents. His mother does not have a job, but his father is a farmer. He doesn’t make much money farming, so Lucson has not been able to go to school every year during his school age years. Sometimes he has had to sit out of school until his father could afford to send him. When he has not been in school, he has tried to continue learning by studying his old books and borrowing books from other people. He loves to study his lessons. He loves learning. His favorite subject is French and he knows that will be helpful if he gets to go to med school one day. He is so happy that he has an opportunity to find a sponsor now because if he finds a sponsor, he won’t have to worry about whether or not he can go to school.

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