Birthday: April 4, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-225M  

Yvena is a beautiful seventeen girl who has a large family that lives in Galette Chambon. She has five sisters and two brothers and all of them are school age. This makes is extremely difficult to be able to afford to send all of the children to school. Many people who have visited Hope Center in Galette Chambon know her brother Robedson. Recently her little sister found a sponsor, so that leaves Yvena as the only child in the family without a sponsor. Because of this, she was unable to go to school last year. Yvena’s mother is one of the cooks at Johel’s school and last year, when her mother became ill, Yvena decided to work in her mother’s place so that she wouldn’t lose her job. Now that a new school year is approaching and her mother is well, Yvena is hoping to get a sponsor so that she can go to school like her siblings. She wants to be a doctor one day, and the possibility of going to school gives her hope that she can one day achieve this goal.