Birthday: May 25, 1996
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Claudy Jean Pierre is eighteen years old and lives in Hope Center Village in Galette Chambon. He lives with his aunt in the village because his mother died when he was little and his father does not have a job to help support him. He has three sisters and five brothers. He would love to get a job and work, but he knows he needs to finish school first. He fell way behind in school after his mother died and he had to quit school because his father couldn’t afford it. For several years, he simply ran the streets of Delmas and tried to stay out of trouble. When the earthquake happened, his family lost the house they were living in as well and they had to move to the tent city with friends. After his aunt moved to Hope Center at Galette Chambon, Claudy asked if he could come live with her and try to finish school. She agreed and he has been so excited about going to school. In the past, he his school was paid for by BGM. However, now that the sponsorship program has started, he will need to find a sponsor to continue school. He is praying God leads someone to sponsor him before next school year so he can continue school. When he finishes school, he wants to become an engineer and learn to drive a motorcycle. What he loves most about Haiti is the people that he has come to know in the village. He loves living in Hope Center village.