Birthday: December 17, 2012 Sponsorship #: 2021-00-050HC

Ivelta is a lively nine year old from Bel Fontaine who moved to Hope Center Village to live with her uncle Henry so that she can go to BGM Schools. She lives with her mother in an extra room that Henry built onto his house. Ivelta, her mother, and two cousins all live in the room in her Uncle Henry’s house. Her mother is a food vendor in the market. She doesn’t make enough money to support the family and pay for school too. Ivelta is very smart and desperately wants to go to school, so she moved in with her uncle in hopes of getting a sponsorship. Several years ago, Ivelta had a large growth on her side that was surgically removed by local surgeons and our Hope Center clinic helped her get the surgery and helped in her recovery. She and her mother are very thankful for the care she received. Ivelta enjoys going to church, studying, and playing with her friends. She loves to study mathematics and she she grows up she wants to become a nurse.