Birthday: April 3, 2013 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-106HC

Benley¬†is a seven year old who lives in the village of Gros Balanse who lives with his parents, two brothers and two sisters. His parents work a garden together and his mother takes the produce each day to market to sell. She only makes about two or three dollars a day if she has a good day. This is hardly enough to feed their family. They would love for their son to be able to go to BGM School so that they do not have to pay for him to go to school and he can eat every day. Benley loves school and he wants to go to school very badly. The principal has agreed to let him go to school through Christmas. If he doesn’t get a sponsor by January, however, he will have to quit because his parents cannot afford to pay for it. Benley wants to be a professor when he grows up.