Birthday: July 24, 2005 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-010S

Dadimy¬†is a 3rd grader at BGM’s Maranatha School. He lives with his parents, two sisters, and three brothers in the village of Dalgros near Galette Chambon. His father is a farmer and his mother tries to sell the produced from their farm at market. Their village often experiences drought, however, so the farm does not produce enough to support the whole family as well as send the children to school. All of his brothers and sisters who are in school are sponsored except him, so he is hoping and waiting and praying that he will get sponsored as well very soon! In his free time, Dadimy enjoys playing with friends, studying, sleeping, eating, bathing, and helping his farther in the garden. His favorite subject is mathematics, and when he grows up, he wants to own his own restaurant and be a cook.

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